Getting Started With the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX)

To request an SDX account, go to and fill out the demand partner request form. Once verified, a Smaato specialist will provide you with your account login credentials.

To log in to the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX), go to

To learn more about targeting in SDX, take a look at our video on precision targeting:

Smaato’s Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Ad Exchange

SDX is the acronym we use for our Smaato Demand Ad Exchange. SDX is a Smaato owned-and-operated OpenRTB and ad-network mediation ad exchange for omnichannel ad formats and environments.

If an app developer has a free downloadable app on the App Store or Google Play Store, they can monetize their app by selling their ad spaces (or ad placements where an ad is shown) through RTB or a programmatic solution. OTT/CTV publishers can monetize their video inventory, and Smaato offers monetization opportunities for mobile and desktop web, too. At Smaato, we will connect you with relevant publishers directly through a private marketplace, preferred deal, or with our open auction. Here are just some of the benefits of integrating with Smaato’s RTB Ad Exchange:

  • Find the optimal traffic to meet your campaign goals with SDX inventory discovery
  • Set up advanced targeting options by ad format, app, format, country, and more
  • Leverage line item and QPS throttling to receive only relevant traffic
  • Access to Smaato’s powerful reporting and analytics suite

Why Choose Real-Time Bidding?

Real-time bidding can be compared to a stock market, where the amount of demand at the moment determines the price of a stock. With real-time bidding, publishers can set the floor price on their ad placements, and then you, as a demand partner, can place your bids. The whole process, from when an app user triggers an ad request to the time the ad placement is filled with an ad, occurs within just 200 milliseconds.

Why Choose Real-Time Bidding?

How Can I Integrate With Smaato?

OpenRTB is the main integration process for working with the Smaato Exchange:

  • If you are a demand-side platform (DSP), please visit our OpenRTB Getting Started page here in the developer documentation.
  • If you are an ad network, please contact our Support Team for further integration assistance.

I Am Neither an Ad Network or a DSP. How Can I Work With Smaato?

If you are a brand, ad agency, advertiser, media buyer, trading desk, or any other buy-side entity, please note that we do have a dedicated team to assist you with buying on the Smaato Exchange through your preferred bidders or DSP.

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