How much does using SDX cost?

SDX is an optimization platform made for buyers to ensure efficient targeting and buying and is completely free to use, its usage will not drive any service fee.

Is there a Reporting API?

Yes. Please see SDX Reporting API.

Is City targeting available?

Not at the current moment, but we do offer a location targeting for Country. 

Can we establish private deals on the new platform?

Our private marketplace support is unchanged available – we’re also working on enhancing the experience within SDX.

Is there a maximum amount of Line Items?

No – apart from our general advice to create Line Items mindfully (i.e. to not clutter up your account), you can create as many of them as you want or need.

Can Line Items filter by multiple traffic parameters, e.g. by Country, QPS and Creative Type?

Yes – just select multiple parameters while you’re creating a Line Item.

What’s the difference between Line Items and Exchange Settings?

Settings made under Exchange Settings apply globally to your exchange connection, while Line Items can be thought of more individual rules that sit behind the Exchange Settings. As an example, if you exclude traffic from Germany on Exchange Settings level, any traffic received through Line Items will also not be from Germany, despite that not being explicitly specified in the Line Item. Think of Exchange Settings as global, general rules that you need to have set persistently, while Line Items are meant for case-by-case, more frequently changing settings.

Can reports be scheduled?

Another thing we’re working on – in the meantime, reports are exportable as CSV.

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Last Modified: August 31, 2023 at 11:53 am