Pre-Packaged Deals

Pre-Packaged Deals are special packages of curated inventory (e.g., GDPR traffic with consent, music, new apps, and much more) which can be selected directly in SDX.

To locate and select your Pre-Packaged Deals simply log in to SDX, go to the Marketplace tab, and there you will find the complete listing of curated brand-safe inventory packages.

Once you have found a deal that you like, you then need to create a line item to begin your targeting to the selected metrics.

You can also customize by adding your own targeting criteria to any Pre-Packaged Deal by clicking on Targeting Settings button when creating the Line Item.

After creating open deals line items, you will then be provided with a Deal ID that represents the signal you will receive in the bid request.

After creating your Pre-Packaged Deal line item you will see the green checkmark signifying a successful creation.


The SDX API allows you to integrate pre-packaged deals in your internal as well as external tools. This allows your own team and your clients to spend their budgets even more efficiently.

Refer to the SDX API documentation for more details.

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Last Modified: January 20, 2023 at 6:57 pm