SDX Video/CTV Content Targeting

Content object signals are one of the latest tools advertisers can use to enhance targeting for digital video and CTV programming. 

These oRTB signals for the Content object include content type, content genre and content rating (with additional content object targeting coming soon).

  • The Genre defines the Video content, “Science Fiction”
  • The Rating relates to whether the content is geared for adults or is a family-friendly example “NC-17”.
  • The Content Category defines the type of content example “Documentary” (e.g. “IAB1-1”) 

They help with both targeting and brand safety by allowing the advertiser to limit the placement of ads to content that is appropriate for the campaign.

When publishers include these signals in their bid requests, advertisers gain a much better understanding of the impressions they are bidding on. Buyers can use this transparency from content object signals for better attribution and optimization.

  • Here is what it will look like when you have selected to create an open auction / open deal line item.
  • To get started, click on Traffic Targeting
  • To enable content targeting, go to Video/CTV Targeting parameter under targeting parameters
  • Under Video/CTV Targeting, you’ll find three options:
    • Content Genre
    • Content Rating 
    • Content IAB Category
  • Click on each one to find the available options and select the criteria you’d like your line item to target against.
  • Apply changes and save the line item.

That’s it!

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Last Modified: June 22, 2023 at 4:00 pm