SDX Glossary

Here you will find a glossary for all of the analytical metrics (data, measures, and dimensions) used in the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX) dashboard.

Dimension Description
Date/Time Time as a dimension, to be used as a filter or split.
Ad Size (Request) Ad sizes specified in bid requests.
Ad Size (Response) Ad sizes specified in bid responses.
Ad Type (Request) Ad types specified in bid requests.
Ad Type (Response) Ad types specified in bid responses.
Ad Size All ad sizes present in available traffic.
Ad Type All ad types present in available traffic.
Ad Space Type Adspaces segmented by types (OS type or mobile site)
Inventory Type Traffic segmented by in-app or mobile web.
Request Type Request type, i.e,. open auction, private marketplace, etc.

App entity type (OS type or mobile site).

Bid Outcome The outcome of the auction. Possible values are; Lost, Won – Cleared, No Ad/Not Bidding, Won – Not Cleared, Not Valid.
Data Center The data center(s) in use. Possible values are US-East, EU-West, APAC.
SDX Line Item All SDX line items in use.
Ad Space ID Adspaces listed by IDs.
AdSpace Name Adspaces listed by names.
Application Name Apps by names.
AdSpace Category Adspaces by categories.
Gender Users by gender.
User Age Users by age ranges of four to nine years (e.g. 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44…).
Country List of countries.
Location Type Lat/long and/or ZIP code (or none).
User Tracking Enabled or disabled.
Carrier Name Name of the detected carrier, if available.
Device ID Type Apple IDFA, Google Ad ID, IMEI, etc.
Device Make Device brand, e.g., Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.
Device Model Device’s model, e.g., iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.
Device OS Device’s OS, e.g., iOS, Android, etc.
Advertiser Domain Advertiser domains of the bid responses’ creatives.
Deal ID List of deal IDs (i.e., IDs used for transacting PMP deals).
Seat ID List of seat IDs (i.e., IDs used to denote specific advertisers’ seats in DSP bids).
Campaign ID List of campaign IDs (i.e., IDs used to denote specific campaigns in DSP bids).
Duration Amount of time for the bid request to be transmitted (in milliseconds).
Measure Explanation
# Auctions The number of auctions.
Avg. Win Bid Average win bid in auctions.
eCPM The overall effective Cost Per Mille (i.e. per 1000 impressions). For more on eCPM, read this guide
Total Spent Total spending on the exchange.
Views Amount of viewed impressions.
Wins Amount of won auctions.
View Rate Percentage of views over served ads.
Win Rate Percentage of won auctions over total auctions.
Total Bids Amount of bids.
Avg. Bid Price Average bid price.
Clear Rate Percentage of cleared auctions over total auctions.
GPS % Percentage of traffic containing GPS information.
ZIP % Percentage of traffic containing ZIP code information.
Location % Percentage of traffic containing location information.
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