Second End Card


We’re excited to announce the roll out of a new feature called ‘Second End Card’ aimed at boosting the effectiveness of your install-driven campaigns. With this enhancement, we’re targeting higher conversion rates and lower CPI.

The ‘Second End Card’ feature empowers DSPs to make a crucial decision: whether to utilize the Smaato SDK to present an automatically generated end card, derived from the app store assets, as the ultimate interaction point for the user.

What is a Second End Card?

The Second End Card is a personalized extension of your advertising campaign, designed to display an additional end card. Utilizing the information from the advertised bundle, received via the open RTB bid response, the Smaato SDK will incorporate the app’s name and icon to create an extra end card, that acts as a final interaction point with your ad. This gives users an additional opportunity to engage with your and install your app.

Second End Card

How does this work?

Smaato will support a new custom extension under, called networkec. This field will only be sent for eligible traffic.

Attribute Description Type Example
networkec Indicates whether the inventory is eligible for Second End Card
1 – true; 0 – false
Int; default 1

“imp”: {
“video”: {
“networkec”: 1


DSPs will be able to enable dual end card using a custom extension field under, this field will also be called networkec. It will get a boolean value of 1/0, defining whether Smaato SDK should show the Second End Card.

Attribute Description Type Example
networkec Indicates whether Smaato should render the Second End Card
1 – true; 0 – false

“seatbid”: [{ “bid”: [{

“ext”: { “networkec”: 1

} }]


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Last Modified: October 13, 2023 at 11:11 am