What is SKOverlay?

SKOverlay is a StoreKit class that serves as a tool for developers to conveniently suggest apps to their users. As the name implies, developers can use the iTunes identifier of another app on the App Store to present the user with a banner-sized overlay, encompassing essential details such as the recommended app’s icon, title, and a concise overview. This class additionally offers the flexibility to adjust the overlay’s positioning on the screen. It’s important to note that SKOverlay’s purpose is exclusively tailored for app recommendations.



How does Smaato signal SKOverlay support to DSPs via Bid Request?

  • We will signal whether an impression is eligible for SKOverlay or not by passing a custom SKOverlay field in the imp[].ext.skadn object.
  • For eligible requests the skoverlay field will denote a 1.
  • The SKOverlay field will be omitted if not an eligible bid request.

What’s expected from the DSP in the Bid Response?

For creatives using SKOverlay, Smaato requires at minimum the SKAdNetwork object and the field within the bid response. Any omitted fields besides present within the skoverlay object will use default values.

Bid response example:

"ext": {
"skadn": {
"skoverlay": {
"present": 1


What are the supported SKOverlay display control Smaato SDK offers?

Filed Type Required Description Example
present Integer Required Present the overlay or not “present”:1
dismissible Integer   Should overlay be dismissable by the user or not “dismissible”:0
delay Integer   Delay in seconds before showing the overlay, where 0 = SKOverlay is not automatically dismissed. Default value is 0 and maximum is 60. “delay”:5
pos Integer   Position of the overlay;
0 = bottom, 1 = bottom raised
autoclose Integer   Time in seconds to automatically dismiss the overlay “autoclose”:0
companion Integer   Show overlay on the endcard or not “companion”:1
click Integer  

Fire the click tracking when the overlay is displayed

By default no click tracking

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Last Modified: February 9, 2024 at 9:32 pm