Rewarded Playable


Playables offer immersive, interactive advertisements that provide users with a brief glimpse of an app they can test before deciding to download it. These interactive previews should consistently feature a prominent Call to Action, prompting users to either download the app or explore it further. Additionally, Playables serve as a valuable tool for identifying users with a strong interest in your app, helping you discover high-intent potential customers.

Rewarded Playable

How does Smaato signal Rewarded Playable support to DSPs via Bid Request?

In the Bid request,

  • "imp.instl" : 1 the ad is interstitial or fullscreen
  • "banner.battr" : 13 is OMITTED, meaning user Interactive/Embedded Games are allowed
  • "banner.API" : 6 indicating support for MRAID 3.0
  • "banner.ext.rewarded": 1 This custom extension flag indicates that the inventory supports rewarded playables.

When the bid request fulfills these criteria, it implies that the inventory is compatible with Rewarded Playables.

How should a DSP respond with a Playable Ad in the Bid Response?

For Rewarded Playables, the bid response must include:

  • "bid.ext.crtype": "Playable"
  • "": 13

If the bid response does not contain the above values, the playable bid response is dropped and the ad is not served.

Duration of a Rewarded Playable

By default, Smaato displays an x-button on the upper left corner after 30 seconds for Rewarded Playables. On Android, the back button is disabled for 30 seconds.

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Last Modified: November 3, 2023 at 5:27 pm