Getting Started with the NextGen SDK for iOS

Integrating an iOS App


In order to integrate the NextGen SDK into your iOS project you will first need to install the following items:

Choose Ad Formats

In order to make the SDK’s binary size smaller it is split into several modular frameworks:


First, you need to make sure to link the application with the proper set of frameworks to allow the SDK to display the desired Ad Formats.

The table below shows possible configurations, i.e. if you want to display standard banner, link the application against the Core, Banner, Rich Media and OpenMeasurement frameworks. In this case Rich Media means HTML content rendering support.

Framework Banner / Image + Rich Media Interstitial / Image + Rich Media Interstitial / Video Interstitial / Image + Rich Media + VideoDescription Rewarded / Video
SmaatoSDKCore.framework 1
SmaatoSDKOpenMeasurement.framework 1
SmaatoSDKUnifiedBidding.framework 2


Important Note About Fullscreen Adspaces

Currently, only the Interstitial Multi-Ad Format is compatible for Fullscreen Adspaces with Smaato NextGen SDK. In order to monetize your fullscreen Adspaces in SPX with Smaato NextGen SDK, you need to select the option for Interstitial (Display & Video). All other Fullscreen options will not work at this time.

Please check if the Interstitial (Display & Video) feature is enabled in your SPX account. If you do not see the option for Interstitial (Display & Video) in the Ad Format dropdown, please contact your Smaato Account Manager to enable this.

  • When creating your Fullscreen Adspaces in SPX, choose the Interstitial (Display & video) option as the Ad format. (Image 1)
  • For the Creative Type you will have three options to choose from (Image 2):
    • Display Only for Rich Media Ads.
    • Video Only for Video Ads.
    • Display and Video will support either Rich Media or Video Ads.

Image 1: Ad Format dropdown selection

Image 2: Creative Type dropdown selections

Modified: May 6, 2020 at 8:25 pm