On this page, you will find frequently asked questions about Smaato and the Smaato Exchange.

What is Smaato’s timeout setting?

The Smaato auction timeout rate for DSPs is 250 ms for US and EMEA auctions. For APAC and CN the timeout rate is 650 ms for auctions.

We recommend demand partners to optimize their response time to 100 ms. This increases the efficiency of the partnership and provides access to our latency-sensitive inventory.

Where are Smaato’s servers based?

  • North Virginia (US)
  • Ireland (EMEA)
  • Singapore (APAC)
  • China North (CN)

Why can’t I ping Smaato’s servers?

Smaato is set behind a load balancer which disables pinging. We can, however, ping you in order to test server latency if you provide us your bidding URL. 

What’s the standard Bid Response size limit?

6144 bytes is the current limit. Please reach out to your Smaato Account Manager if you need the limit to be increased.

What does QPS stand for?

Queries per second; this integer defines the amount of traffic queries (ad requests, bid requests) a demand partner receives per second. By default, QPS values are not limited; limiting QPS may reduce Smaato’s infrastructure burden and increase a DSPs effectivity.

How frequently is data updated in reporting?

Every hour; currently the data is available with a delay of roughly 3 hours, which will decrease in the future.

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Last Modified: August 31, 2023 at 11:54 am