Custom Tag Networks

Here you will find the details on Publisher-Owned Ad Networks and how to add these networks into the SPX platform.

Custom Tag-Based Ad Network

Please Note: Custom tag-based networks with Passbacks are currently only working for mobile web traffic. Unfortunately, Passbacks are not working reliably for in-app traffic. We’re working on rectifying this; thanks for your patience.

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To add your Custom Ad Network, first, go to the Networks Tab.
  • Then click on the button for +New Network
  • Now will see the window to the Add New Network.
  • Next, click on the +Add button underneath the Custom Tag Network selections (between Mobfox and AOL/Millennial Media).

All configurations for this integration are done on a Line Item level, so all you need to do is Save the custom tag network entity in your setup and proceed to configure a Line Item by clicking Save and Add Line Item.

Name & Description: Enter the Network name and/or info about the positioning/targeting.

Unless you have particular priority, allocation or date settings, you can leave Status, Priority, Traffic Allocation, Start Date and End Date untouched.

In the field Manual CPM Rate, enter the tentative/estimated CPM the tag-based ad network will pay or usually pays you.

Under Tag, post the ad tag from your tag-based ad network (Don’t have one? You’ll probably need to set it up in your account with them; consult their documentation or account management on how to do this on their side).

The following section is for Passback configuration.

Using Passback Macros

Alternatively, you can use the following macros:

Passback Macro Description
%%PASSBACK_URL_UNESC%% inserts passback URL (unescaped)
%%PASSBACK_URL_ESC%% inserts passback URL (escaped)
%%PASSBACK_SCRIPT_UNESC%% inserts passback Script (unescaped)
%%PASSBACK_SCRIPT_ESC%% inserts passback Script (escaped)

Frequency Capping

Now, if you would like, you can configure Volume and Frequency Capping when and if applicable.

Under Targeting, you need to target the Adspace(s) you’re looking to traffic to your tag-based network. You can also apply the usual Geo/Connection/Device traffic filters.

Otherwise, you’re done – hit Save (or Save and Create New Line Item if you want to set up another one right away).

Modified: June 13, 2019 at 5:26 pm