Adserver Macros

Here is a list of Smaato specific adserver macros for third-party tags.

Macro Type Macro Description
Line Item ID %eaid! This is the ID that is given to each Line Item created in SPX.
Adspace ID %esid! This is the ID given to each Adspaces that is created in SPX.
Timestamp %%TIMESTAMP%% The digital record for a time occurrence of a particular event
User Age %%AGE%% The user’s age as passed by the publisher in the ad request
Gender %%GENDER%% The user’s gender as passed by the publisher in the ad request when available
Latitude %%LATITUDE%% Latitude when available
Longitude %%LONGITUDE%% Longitude when available
Zip Code %%ZIP_CODE%% The postal code consisting of five or nine digits when available
App ID %%APP_ID%% The ID of the app as displayed in SPX
Device OS %%DEVICE_OS%% The operating system of the device
Device IP %%DEVICE_IP%% An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to a device
User Agent %%USER_AGENT%% The software acting on behalf of a user in an ad request
Country %%COUNTRY%% The country of the ad request
Device ID (UNIQUE) %eudid! The distinctive identifier associated with a unique user device when available

Modified: October 1, 2019 at 2:49 pm