Ad Serving Errors

As a valued customer, your business is important to us. Our goal is to continue providing you with the best service possible. However, errors do occur and we believe it’s helpful to have references to common issues so that you can quickly understand and troubleshoot the issue.

This page will provide you with interpretations and recommendations for solving common errors as seen in your daily error reporting e-mail sent by Smaato.

Error Message Interpretation Solution

Timeout Errors

Unknown Host

A bid response is not received within the given timeout period.

It is recommended to return a response within 100ms. If you want us to run a ping or traceroute command to your server to check the latency, please let us know.

There are a few approaches to fix timeouts:

  1. Minimize latency by efficiently mapping your endpoints to our data center. Currently, our traffic goes through 4 data centers:
  • North Virginia (US)
  • Ireland (EMEA)
  • Singapore (APAC)
  • Beijing (China)
  1. Optimize your internal processing.
  2. If you have a QPS cap for Smaato’s requests, please let us know.

HTTP Transfer Errors

Transfer error
status code=4xx
Remote service responded with 5xx

Standard HTTP errors. To fix the error, we recommend that you take actions according to the specific HTTP transfer error.


This exception is usually thrown when:

a) The demand partner does not respond with the proper HTTP status.

b) Keep-Alive connection was closed by the remote host.

Please make sure the HTTP status code is always valid.

Bid with excluded ad type

The returned ad type is not in accordance with the ‘mimes’ and ‘btype’ in the bid request. Please refrain from sending ads whose type is in the ‘btype’ list of the bid request.


The value of bid.attr field is not in accordance with the ‘battr’ in the bid request. Bid responses need to respect battr in the bid request.

Missing XML model version in ad element

XML version is not included in the ‘adm’ field in the bid response.

It only applies to DSPs who serve ad markup in Smaato standard XML format.

For the correct XML model version, refer to Ad Markup Standard section of the DSP Onboarding Guide in the Smaato Wiki.


There are two possibilities:

  1. The bid response does not contain a deal ID.

  2. The deal ID in the bid response is not identical to the deal ID in bid request.

Please review the deal ID in your bid response.
InvalidSeatException|field=response.seatbid.*.seat Bid response contains a non-whitelisted seat. Please refrain from sending ads from a non-whitelisted seat.
MandatoryFieldNotSpecifiedException|field = is missing in the bid response. Please add ‘id’ field in the bid response.
Broken ad markup Syntax error in ‘adm’ field.

For the correct markup syntax, refer to Ad Markup Standard section of the DSP Onboarding Guide in the Smaato Wiki.


Smaato system failed to unmarshal the bid response from the demand partner. Please check that your bid response is a valid JSON object that follows the OpenRTB standard.

Invalid bid price


The bidding price is less than USD $0.01, thus the bid is discarded by Smaato. Bidding price should be above USD $0.01.

Non SSL compliant Creative for SSL only impressions

The ‘adm’ field contains URL(s) that do not respect the ‘secure’ flag in the bid request.

If = 1, you have to return an HTTPS creative. Please let us know if you don’t currently support

You can also refer to the Secure Socket Layer section.

Bid response size too large



The size of the bid response or ad markup has exceeded the limit. Please reach out to us to extend the bid response size limit. Otherwise, please adjust the size of your bid response.

Bid responses with creatives of blocked advertisers: Sent badv

The bid response contains ‘adomain’ which is in the ‘badv’ of the bid request. Please make sure your system sends Smaato bid responses that respect the ‘badv’ field in the requests.


The creative or the campaign is blacklisted. The blocked creative or campaign should not be sent.

Banner Dimension Violation

Banner dimension as requested=width:300, height:50;Banner dimension as returned=width:320, height:50;strictbannersize=1

The dimension of the ad creative is not in accordance with the dimension specified in the bid request. If strictbannersize=1 in the bid request, please return an ad that exactly matches the requested dimension.

ZipException|Not in GZIP format

Under the condition that traffic through the endpoint must be compressed, the bid responses were not compressed. We strongly recommend supporting compressed bid requests and responses. Please contact your SE and AM to find a resolution for the issue.
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