Private Marketplace (PMP)

A private marketplace is an invitation-only RTB auction where a publisher invites one or more demand partners to bid on their inventory.

Types of Private Marketplaces That Smaato Supports

The following types of private marketplaces are supported by Smaato:

Preferred Deal

This is a deal ID-driven programmatic one-on-one integration/relationship between a publisher and a buyer. The publisher creates a deal ID and sets or negotiates a rate that the buyer can accept (by submitting a valid bid response) or decline (by not submitting a valid bid response) on an impression-by-impression basis. Demand partners should bid and pay the price that was communicated in the bid request.

Private Exchange

Also known as a private or closed auction, a private exchange (PX) is a closed-exchange setup where up to 25 DSPs with the PX’s deal ID can bid on a publisher’s traffic. There is no fixed rate. Instead, the publisher submits a floor price in the bid request. The demand partner with the highest bid wins the auction and pays the second-highest price.

Open Deal

This is a deal set by a demand partner via our self-service platform (SDX). This method allows demand partners to bundle different inventory or audiences and recognize those by the deal ID communicated in the bid request. The auction mechanics are similar to the second price open auction model.

How to Recognize Private Marketplaces in the Bid Stream

All bid requests from the private marketplace contain a pmp object inside of the “imp” one. All of the PMP requests contain a Deal ID –, which is a unique identifier of the PMP Deal.

In order to win an auction, the demand partner must return this deal ID in the dealid parameter of the bid response.

How to Distinguish Private Marketplace Types in the Bid Stream

Preferred deals can be recognized by parameter equals 3.

Private marketplaces and open deals can be recognized by parameter equals 2.

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