Data Centers

Smaato uses Amazon Web Services as a hosting provider for its platform.

Our Data Centers are Located in Four Regions:

  • US East (Nothern Virginia) – AWS region us-east-1
  • EU (Ireland) – AWS region eu-west-1
  • Asia Pacific (Singapore) – AWS region ap-southeast-1
  • China (Beijing) – AWS region (cn-north-1)

Latencies and Auction Timeout

Our auction timeout for DSPs is 250 ms in regards to the US and EMEA auctions, and 650 ms for the APAC and China auctions. We recommend our demand partners to optimize their response time to 100 ms. This will increase the efficiency of the partnership and provide access to our latency-sensitive inventory.

IP Addresses of Smaato Servers

Since AWS provides on-demand cloud computing platforms, there is no pre-defined list of IP addresses. Bid requests can be sent from any of the AWS public IP ranges. Further details can be found here:

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Last Modified: November 29, 2021 at 2:10 pm