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Important Details About GPP

Global Privacy Platform is a single protocol designed to streamline transmitting privacy, consent, and consumer choice signals from websites and apps to ad tech providers. IAB Tech Lab stewards the development of these technical specifications.

The GPP standardizes storage locations and naming for the content of the GPP data and GPP string so that ad tags embedded in mobile apps can find the GPP data and string in a consistent way.

The pre-parsed GPP data as well as the GPP string shall be stored under NSUserDefaults(iOS) or SharedPreferences (Android). This will allow:

  • Vendors to easily access GPP data
  • GPP data to persist across app sessions
  • GPP data to be portable between CMPs to provide flexibility for a publisher to exchange one CMP SDK for another
  • Vendors within an app to avoid code duplication by not being required to include a GPP string decoder while still enabling all typical use cases

Smaato SDK will then read the values from NSUserDefaults/SharedPreferences which is then passed to the ad call. Following are the strings SDK will query from :

NSUserDefaults (iOS) or SharedPreferences (Android) values

Key Name
Data type
IABGPP_HDR_GppString string Full consent string in its encoded form. e.g “DBACNYA~CPXxRfAPXxRfAAfKABENB-CgAAAAAAAAAAYgAAAAAAAA~1YNN”
IABGPP_GppSID string Section ID(s) considered to be in force. Multiple IDs are separated by underscore, e.g. “2_3”
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Last Modified: April 6, 2023 at 10:11 am