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NextGen SDK | Android+iOS | Google Play Families Policies

This page can help you complete the requirements for this data disclosure in regards to your usage of the Smaato NextGen SDK.

Recently Google announced an update to their policies for kids’ apps in the Google Play store, with significant impact on kids’ publishers.

If your app is primarily directed to children we recommend using age restriction information as well to comply with policies such as the Google Play Families Policies – Play Console Help.

If your app is primarily directed to children or old users you can pass this information to the Smaato SDK as


setAgeRestrictedUser parameter value


Not Set

Default value is false


If the App targets age restricted users.


If the App does not target age restricted users.

If the user is age restricted Smaato SDK will drop the ad requests and will not transmit any user sensitive information.

It is upto the publishers to pass the age restricted information to the SMAATO SDK as SDK on its own cannot analyse whether the user is age restricted or not.

Last Modified: July 13, 2023 at 3:54 pm