SDK Mediation

Here you will find helpful video tutorials for mediating the Smaato SDK into your Android or iOS project.

Step 1: Integrate the Smaato SDK

If you haven’t done so yet already, this starts with integrating our SDK. See here for iOS and see here for Android.

Step 2: Integrate the Plugin (iOS only)

For iOS projects, you need to integrate the plugin for the SDK that you are looking to mediate. You can find those plugins included in our SDK’s zip file.

(This step is not required with Android).

Step 3: Integrate the Third Party SDK

Next, add in the third party’s SDK (if you haven’t yet already). For a how-to on that, please refer to the respective provider’s documentation.

Step 4: Group Third Party SDK & Plugin (iOS only, optional)

To keep your project managable, we recommend grouping the plugin and third-party SDK.

This step is not mandatory for iOS, and it is not necessary on Android.

Further Configuration

In the SDK

For both iOS and Android, you need to adjust a few more granular configurations in your project. Find out more using our Integration documentation.

iOS SDKAndroid SDK


You also need to create a Network account entity and a Network Line Item in SPX.

You will find the details for this in our documentation for Publisher-Owned Ad Partners.

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