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Verified Viewability at Smaato

In order to offer verified viewability measurement, we have partnered with Moat and have integrated the Moat technology into the Smaato iOS SDK. Starting with version 8.2.0, the iOS SDK automatically makes use of Moat for viewability tracking.

Please note that each integration of the Moat SDK uses a namespace unique to that integration. This guarantees that no conflicts will arise, even if the same app contains multiple instances of Moat, either through other SDKs integrating Moat or through integrating Moat directly.

Pausing and Resuming Ad View

An ad view can be paused and resumed as follows:

[adView pause];// pauses the adview
[adView resume];// resumes the adview

If the view is not visible or the view controller is not currently active (e.g., when using in UINavigationController or UITabbarController) the ads are automatically paused.

You have to resume it manually when the view controller is visible again.

A good place would be inside UINavigationControllerDelegate or UITabbarControllerDelegate methods.

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