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To add video ads to your project you first need to integrate an Interstitial Ad using the SOMAInterstitialVideoAdView class.

// Step 1: Instantiate and start loading
SOMAInterstitialAdView* adview = [[SOMAInterstitialVideoAdView alloc] init];
adView.delegate = self;
[adView load];
// Step 2:  Present the ad once loaded in the following SOMAAdViewDelegate method:
- (void)somaAdViewDidLoadAd:(SOMAAdView*)adview{
    [adView show];

Auto-Close Feature

Unlike VAST/interstitial video ads, rewarded video ads do not have skip functionality. If skip durations are set in the code, the SDK will ignore the setting for rewarded video ads.

  • You can configure an auto-close duration in seconds, to auto close an ad after given seconds upon Video Ad completion.
  • By default, auto-close is enabled. After the video completion, the ad will automatically close after the default duration of 3 seconds.
adView.adSettings.videoAutocloseInterval = 5; // Default value is 3 seconds

Disable Auto-Close

You can also completely disable the auto-close feature on video ad completion:

adView.adSettings.videoAutocloseDisabled = YES; // Default value is NO. 

Audio/Video AutoPlay Feature

To disable Audio/Video autoplay inside banners for Rich Media ads a new parameter “autoplayAudioVideoDisabled” has been introduced in the SOMAAdSettings class to allow/disallow audio/video autoplay in Rich Media ads. The default value has been set to NO.

Configurable Skip Button

In the Video Ad implementation of the OS SDK 8.1.0 version, you can configure a Skip button appearance after a duration in seconds. By default, the video is skippable after 15 seconds.

adView.adSettings.videoSkipInterval = 5; // Default value is 5 seconds

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