Rewarded Video | iOS

Similar to interstitial video ad units, rewarded video ads are shown in fullscreen mode.

Integrate a rewarded video ad using the SOMARewardedVideo class.

// Step 1: Instantiate and start loading
SOMARewardedVideo* adview = [[SOMARewardedVideo alloc] init];
adView.delegate = self;
[adView load];

// Step 2:  Present the ad once loaded in the following SOMAAdViewDelegate method:
- (void)somaAdViewDidLoadAd:(SOMAAdView*)adview{
if(adview.isLoaded) {
[adview show]; /* Before showing an ad, we recomment you to check if the ad is in loaded state using adView.isLoaded property. */

You can track different events such as video started, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% completion for rewarded video using didReceiveVideoAdEvent delegate as described below:

- (void)somaAdView:(SOMAAdView *)adview didReceiveVideoAdEvent:(SOMAVideoAdTrackingEvent)event {
   if (event == SOMAVideoAdTrackingEventStart) {
       NSLog(@"Video Ad Started");
   } else if (event == SOMAVideoAdTrackingEventFirstQuartile) {
       NSLog(@"Video Ad reached first quartile");
   } else if (event == SOMAVideoAdTrackingEventMidpoint) {
       NSLog(@"Video Ad reached mid point");
   } else if (event == SOMAVideoAdTrackingEventThirdQuartile) {
       NSLog(@"Video Ad reached third quartile");
   } else if (event == SOMAVideoAdTrackingEventComplete) {
       NSLog(@"Video Ad Completed");

Auto-Close Feature

Unlike VAST/interstitial video ads, rewarded video ads do not have skip functionality. If skip durations are set in the code, the SDK will ignore the setting for rewarded video ads.

Modified: February 20, 2020 at 3:16 pm