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Here you will find the instructions for configuring Smaato’s Android SDK as a yield partner with Google Ad Manager (DFP).

Add a new yield partner

  • Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  • Click Admin > Companies.
  • Click New company > Ad network.
  • Click and select > Other company.
  • Type in the name > Smaato SDK.
  • Select/check to enable mediation.
  • Now click Save.
  • Then choose the option for Delivery on the left side of the screen.
  • Proceed to Delivery > Yield groups.
  • For Yield partner, select the Smaato SDK.
  • For Integration type, select Custom event.
  • For Operating system, select Android.
  • For Label, type in Smaato SDK Reporting.
  • For Class Name, enter the following Ad Format options:
    • For Banner Ads:
      1. com.smaato.soma.MediationAdapter.AdMobMediationAdapter
    • For Interstitial Ads:
      1. com.smaato.soma.MediationAdapter.MultiFormatInterstitialAdMobMediationAdapter
  • For Parameters, type in the following with the correct Publisher ID and SPX Adspace ID:
      1. publisher=<yourPublisherID>&adspace=<yourAdSpaceID>
  • Enter the CPM for the Ad space.
  • Click Save.

Example Custom Event Banner Setup

Example Custom Event Interstitial Setup

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