Find here the Smaato NextGen SDK version history changelog for Android versions.

21.1.4 October 9, 2019
  • Maintenance release changes include:
    • Update to the Smaato/MoPub adapter: Bug fix for dimensions conversion in MoPub SDK version 5.8.0, 5.9.0 and 5.9.1.
    • Fixed a check when comparing the Banner creative size and the dimension of the view.
    • Added error logging in case of mismatch.
21.1.3 October 2, 2019
  • Maintenance release changes include:
    • Updated Mopub adapter to support the MoPub SDK v5.8+.
    • Fixes for the Medium Rectangle ads when shown in RecyclerView or ListView.
    • Improvements to avoid possible configuration conflicts and collisions when NextGen SDK is embedded into multiple apps on the device.
21.1.2 September 26, 2019
  • Maintenance release changes include:
    • init() can now be called before requesting the banner instead of Application.OnCreate().
    • Added test ad spaces handling in the NextGen SDK. If a test ad space is used, NextGen SDK will use different publisher ID to ease the testing. Publishers don’t need to re-compile the SDK when switching from test Publisher ID to the live one.
    • Unified Bidding: enabled rewarded video format.
    • Made parameter keys in MoPub and Admob adapters case insensitive.
    • Unified the progress bar layout for the rich media ads.
21.1.1 September 3, 2019
21.1.0 August 21, 2019
  • Caching change and ad request rate limiting: Starting from this version, Smaato’s NextGen SDK allows publishers to request several banners or medium rectangle ads in parallel, using the same Publisher and Ad Space IDs. Parallel requests are supported for typical mediation as well as Unified Bidding.
  • Impression counting changes for banner ads: Smaato’s NextGen SDK supports the rendered impression counting method, which means the impression beacon is fired once the banner or MREC is added to the web-view, similar to the counting methodology of the current SDK. Note that for Interstitial and Rewarded Video ads, the impressions are still counted when the ad is considered viewable (at least 1% of the ad markup/video is shown).
21.0.0 July 5, 2019
  • Unified Bidding Module – supports bidding on the inventory with a real-time price (beta)
  • Impression counting. The impression beacon is fired when at least 1% of the creative is shown (or once the video starts playing).
  • Caching and ad request rate limiting. SDK allows only one ad to be cached for Publisher/Adspace ID combination.
  • Added the Open Measurement SDK to measure viewability for the following ad formats:
    • Banner
    • Medium Rectangle
    • Interstitial (Rich media)
  • Added the support for Rewarded (Video) format
  • Support for key-value targeting when Smaato is used as a primary ad server
20.3.0 March 29, 2019
  • The first release of the NextGen SDK for iOS.
    • Support of the following ad formats:
      • Banner
      • Interstitial
    • Support for the following standards is implemented:
      • VAST 4.0 (beta)
      • MRAID 3.0 (beta)
  • Multi-Ad format for Interstitial ( increases the fill rate by requesting Video or Rich media from the demand partners)
  • Adapter classes for MoPub and AdMob as primary

Modified: October 11, 2019 at 2:10 pm